Bridges To A
Vibrant Life

CD Content

Volume 1

1.  Your Favorite Place (19:10)

     Heighten all your senses by going to your

     favorite setting for relaxation and enjoyment.

2.  Circulate Energy (23:32)

     Benefit by drawing in nurturing, positive

     energy and sending it to others.


1.  Hot Air Balloon (20:20)

     Feel the tension lift away as you release

     your concerns in your own hot air balloon.

 2.  Restore Your Health (17:56)

     Use this technique to heal any injury or ailment

     through focusing breath and energy.


1.  The Hot Tub (32:41)

     Support and strengthen optimal wellness

     while relaxing in a special hot tub.

 2.  Total Relaxation (21:08)

     Use this program to feel deep inner

     peace anytime you want to thoroughly rest.

     *All individual program are also available as an MP3 download.

Bridges To A Vibrant Life recordings are beautifully scripted and narrated by Cindy Strom, Stress Management Educator for police and fire departments, cancer patients, teachers, business owners, and for people recovering from addiction.  Her soothing voice gently guides you through each meditation. 

To listen to a sample, please start the media player.
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