Bridges To A
Vibrant Life


"Meditation is all very new to me.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it, the stereotypical perceptions fooled me.  I wasn't closing my eyes and chanting, or humming for an endless amount of time.  I was simply relaxing and focusing on my breathing.  Bridges To A Vibrant Life  was soothing, and allowed someone like me who is new at meditating the ability to go to my favorite place."  - Mark Travis Rivera, writer/ dancer

"Cindy's guided meditation CD is soothing and uplifting both in content and in the reading by her.  Her voice is most soothing. I used them for years in the substance abuse rehabilitation center where I work.  The patients always responded favorably. Cindy's CD provides beautiful guided imagery.  They offer a respite to all who come to drink from these waters.  Thank you, Cindy, for your gift of this CD to all."  -
Monica, Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor

"I have found that this CD is truly relaxing, and provides an important way for me to relax and escape from the stresses of life after a hard day’s work.  Recommended!"  -
Rob Q.  -NJ

"It is my sincere wish that as you become familiar with the exercises and concepts presented in these recordings, and that you find ways to adapt and expand them to best fit your personal life.  Then, pass what you learn on to someone else.  These programs are filled with peace, love, and hope.  May you find this and more as you build your "Bridges To A Vibrant Life."
  - Cindy Strom
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